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Automatically import eBay orders into your own site as they are received
Link listings simply by matching the SKUs
Works for variable and simple products
Automatically create Wordpress users when orders are received from new eBay customers
Unlimited listings/products
Unlimited orders
Link orders to previous eBay customers based on eBay username
All processing is conducted on our server to maximize your site’s performance


Orders pulled from ebay by Connecta are shown in your WooCommerce orders page, alongside your website orders. All the order details for ebay orders are automatically populated in your site. Ebay orders have a badge in the WooCommerce order list, and on the order page, so they can be differentiated from orders received directly on your site.
Just set the SKU in ebay the same as in WooCommerce, and Connecta will automatically link the listings. This will mean orders on ebay are linked with the correct product in WooCommerce, and stock deducted accordingly.
Yes. Connecta works with variations in ebay, and variable listings in WooCommerce, in any combination. Just ensure the SKU of your listing on ebay matches the same product in WooCommerce. For example, if your ebay listing uses variations, but each item is a separate product in your WooCommerce store, set the SKU for the ebay variation the same as the WooCommerce product. For full instructions for setting SKUs in both ebay and WooCommerce take a look at
Just set the WooCommerce order status to completed, and it will be automatically marked as despatched in ebay.
The Connecta Wordpress plugin is free. In order to synchronize with ebay you will need to have an active Connecta account. Connecta offers 3 month free trials, without requiring any payment details. After the free trial you may choose to continue your subscription for just $60/year. Create your account at
The Connecta service is designed to minimize the amount of processing which takes place on your site, with data only pushed to your site when something changes. This means there is no noticeable impact on site speed or performance.
No. Currently Connecta can only connect with a single ebay account per Connecta account. If you would find this functionality useful, please contact us via the support forum.


First 3 months Free!
$60 / year

Connecta is free for the first three months! 🎉 The free trial is of a fully featured version of Connecta, and does not require any payment details. To take a look at all Connecta’s features, take a look here. We are sure Connecta will be useful to anyone who sells on their own site, and through ebay, and want to give you the opportunity to try it for 3 months before paying.

After the free trial, Connecta costs just $60 per year. We will send you a reminder before your trial expires, that you will need to subscribe to continue using Connecta, but if you would prefer not to use Connecta anymore, simply do not make the payment, and it will stop working at the end of the trial period. There is no limit on how many listings you can link, or orders you can synchronize for this fixed price.

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